E85 Flex Fuel Kit

  • $140.00

Our E85 Kit is the most straight forward Flex Fuel solution for Hondata users on the market to this day! This setup works with both Hondata S300 V3 and KPro V4 units to make adjustments on the fly.

Our harness is completely Plug n Play being equipped with power and ground connections as well as the signal connector necessary that directly attaches to your Hondata unit.

Once again no cutting or splicing necessary just select whether you will be needing your harness equipped with either a Standard or Mini fuse connector. (Micro fuse connector available for custom orders)

Please note this is only a guide and all vehicles should be checked for their desired fuse size before ordering:                                                                             

  • OBD0 - Standard Fuse                                                                                   
  • OBD1 - Standard Fuse                                                                                   
  • OBD2A (Integra) - Standard Fuse                                                                   
  • OBD2A (Civic) - Mini Fuse                                                                             
  • OBD2B - Mini Fuse

NOTE: You will be required to choose either a Resistor equipped kit for your Hondata S300 or a NON-Resistor kit for your Hondata Kpro, please choose appropriately based on what your vehicle is utilizing.

Connector colors may vary between black or brown based on availability.

This kit also includes all the necessary components to get you on the road. Such as a brand new Flex Fuel sensor to be installed in your RETURN fuel line. However you may want to add other accessories based on your install application using the add-ons drop down menu.

Note: two (2) -6 AN adapters can be added to easily allow you to fit this kit in your upgraded fuel system that may already be converted to braided fuel lines. These fittings are NOT included with the kit unless you choose to do so from the "Add-ons" drop down selection bar.

This product is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY. We do not offer any tuning support for this product and any hardware or software changes need to be performed by a professional.