Boost By Gear Kit

  • $135.00

We have designed and built the absolute easiest way to add PWM boost by gear to your vehicle. This kit is tailored around Honda & Acura platforms but is not limited to them.

Complete plug and play for standard applications from power and ground all the way to a 2 pin DTM weatherproof connector equipped on both harness and solenoid sides for easy installation and removal.

Our kit utilizes an OBD1 ecu pin ready to plug into your existing ecu connector for pulse width management applications as well as a fused power tap for easy addition and removal to your under dash fuse box

Once again no cutting or splicing necessary just select whether you will be needing your harness equipped with either a Standard or Mini fuse connector. (Micro fuse connector available for custom orders)

Please note this is only a guide and all vehicles should be checked for their desired fuse size before ordering:                                                                             

  • OBD0 - Standard Fuse                                                                           
  • OBD1 - Standard Fuse                                                                           
  • OBD2A (Integra) - Standard Fuse                                                                   
  • OBD2A (Civic) - Mini Fuse                                                                               
  • OBD2B - Mini Fuse

All kits come accompanied with 15ft of the highest quality nylon DOT rated air line and an appropriate 1/8 NPT push lock fitting assortment that allows several different options of routing and connecting your boost controller.

This kit comes standard with a Mac brand 3 port air valve/solenoid used to effectively and reliably control your boost levels. We also offer 4 port Solenoid kits available in the options menu for an additional price.

The fittings included will vary depending on if you order a 3 port or 4 port setup.  

3 Port Kit Contents: 

  • 1 Breather
  • 1 Straight
  • 1 Push T
  • 1 Threaded T
  • 4 Elbows

4 Port Kit Contents:

  • 1 Breather
  • 1 Straight
  • 5 Elbows

This product is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY. We do not offer any tuning support for this product and any hardware or software changes need to be performed by a professional.