ECU S300 Service

ECU S300 Service

  • $65.00

This purchase is for labor, parts, and return shipping of your ECU. What does it cover? Complete conversion of a virgin factory OBD1 ECU to accept S300 boards for custom tunes. Need to add other options as well? Easily add Boost by Gear and VTEC conversions from the drop down menu above!

Want all the existing capacitors in your ecu replaced with BRAND NEW high quality units? Easily select yes on the Capacitor Replacement drop box to ensure years of trouble free operation!

Typical labor time is 1-3 days based on our shops work load at the time of your ECU being delivered. If you would like to confirm if your OBD1 ECU is eligible for modification please send us an email and we will be happy to help! 

*It is 100% your responsibility to send in a good functioning ECU for modification.*