Universal 10mm Sway Bar End Link Set

  • $45.00


  • High misalignment angle of 35 degrees to prevent any possibility of binding

  • For 10mm bolts

  • Adjustment length is from 76mm to 96mm (3.0″ to 3.8″)

 What's Included:

  • 2pcs 4130 Teflon-lined black zinc-plated end links

  • 4pcs 304 stainless steel cone spacers (20.3mm OD x 12.7mm long)

  • 4pcs M10 x 1.25 x 60 class 10.9 zinc-plated socket head bolts

Part numbers/descriptions:

  • EL-M10-1 (end links only)

  • EL-M10-2 (end links and cone spacers only)

  • EL-M10-3 (end links, cone spacers and bolts)

  • EL-M10-HW (cone spacers and bolts only)