LTS 165 Degree Off, 185 Degree On Thermo-Switch

LTS 165 Degree Off, 185 Degree On Thermo-Switch

  • $59.10

SPAL electric fan replacement electronic sending units are designed for use with their temperature control modules. These sending units are manufactured from high-quality materials and help you control your fan. Restore your electric fan operation with SPAL replacement sending units. The two wire design allows grounding directly to the chassis rather than going through a typical engine ground port.


  • 2-wire design allows grounding to the chassis rather than engine ground port

  • Idela for use with vehicles equipped with Aluminum cylinder heads

  • 185-Degree On and 165- degree off

  • Switch features 3/8” NPT thread

  • Stainless Steel, hermetically sealed design

  • Max. Current and Voltage 3 amp, 32VDC

  • Grounded case only

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