Front Drag Brake Kit

  • $624.95


*Requires spindles that use a 10.31" rotor such as 92-95 Civic EX or SI with ABS, 96-2000 EX or EM1 with ABS*

Record setting cars require weight savings in every corner. This allows you to redistribute weight further forward or to the proper corner when corner-scaling your race car.

These Front Drag Brakes save 22 pounds! They're a complete bolt-on kit for 92-00 Civic and 94-2001 Integra. They fit 13" wheels such as Exospeed, Lenso, Weld Racing, and Belak Industries.

The KS tuned Front Drag Brake Kit is designed to stop a drag car that is equipped with a parachute. Although it has stopped the KStuned Outlaw car from 175+ MPH on numerous passes without a chute, that is NOT what this kit was intended for. 

The Front Drag Brakes are a complete kit, ready for installation out of the box, including:

  • Lightweight Rotors
  • Lightweight aluminum Calipers and brake pads
  • Aluminum brackets
  • Stainless brake lines with fittings
  • All bolts included