Hondata S300 + COP

Hondata S300 + COP

  • $865.00

Black Friday Sale Bundle, New Hondata S300 V3 with options to be installed into your ecu or pre installed into 1 of our ecus paired with a COP Kit. We install brand new Capacitors, VTEC, and boost by gear components into your ecu with this free S300 installation!

We keep BRAND NEW S300 V3 units in stock! These are the latest and greatest units produced from Hondata and ready to give your OBD1 ECU full control when tuning. All options are ready to go with the S300 V3 boards from dialing in timing and fuel maps all the way to 2 step/launch control, flex fuel ethanol analyzing, boost control, even support for analog AND digital connections directly at the board.

Unlike most re-sellers we handle all installation of the S300 and other popular ecu work to go along with it! Best of all we will install this into your ECU for an amazing price! Just select "yes" from the drop down menu above.

Need an ECU with your purchase? Select the Ready to Run option for us to include an OBD1 ECU with all options enabled such as VTEC and Boost by Gear!

S300 is only compatible with OBD1 ECU units, the most common compatibility is found in the popular P05, P06, P28, P30, P61, P72, P75, and PR4 ECUS. Please note their are many variations of each ECU type and you should confirm its compatibility before purchasing, If you need any help validating your ECU's compatibility please email us!

*Picture of the ECU is for representation ONLY and NOT included in the purchase*

*You will receive an OBD1 VTEC ECU, we do NOT guarantee the base code of the ECU*